A Dirt Bike Without the Noise and Fumes
The Zero X is probably the electric dirt bike that has been getting the most attention lately (there’s also the Zero S street-legal version), but others are tossing their hats in the ring. Evolt from Italy showcased its Bull1 electric dirt bike at the Milan International Cycle and motorcycle Exhibition, and they’ve now released some videos of the electric motocross in action. You can see them below, as well as technical specs.

Bull1 Electric Motocross Technical Specs
Motor : BRUSHLESS 84Volt 3.500rpm 
Nominal power : 10Kw
Max power : 33,5Kw
Nominal torque : 32Nm
Wheel max torque : 480Nm
Batteries : 28 cells LiPo 96Volt 30Ah
Controller : digital 120Volt 400A
Range: 2 hours off-road ride
Speed: 70-90Km/h
Weight: 95-105Kg

The brushless electric motor is waterproof (Evolt says it can actually be immersed in water), so the Bull1 isn’t afraid to get very dirty. Also: "The Lithium-polymer battery ensure high level performance and durability really high, can be loaded and unloaded without incurring problems of "memory" for more than 1500 times."


Considering the weight of the bike, it’s got substantial torque! The videos gives a decent idea of what it can do. One feature that probably helps it quite a bit with range is regenerative braking. A dirtbike is constantly braking and going down hills, and that’s a lot of kinetic energy that can be converted back to electricity. It certainly extends the range more than on an electric motorcycle designed for the open road, for example.


Price should be about 9000 € (which today converts to 12,465.45 USD).

Via Evolt (Italian), AutoblogGreen

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